Busy Mom Spring Exercise Tips


Busy mom spring exercise tips will never go out of style right? If you are like my wife, then, I know you’re always looking for easy and simple ways to get some exercise and general healthy living into your day. Today, we’ll cover five busy mom spring exercise tips that you’ll feel confident starting today!


Less Is More

Our first of five busy mom spring exercise tips is less is more.  You don’t have to exercise everyday for it to help you. Research shows you can get great exercise benefits (like weight loss and nice muscle definition) with three days/week of exercise. If three days is all you have, then, please do three days. You can always add in another day or two when your schedule is more free.


Mix in Cardio With Your Weights

Our second of five busy mom spring exercise tips is to mix in cardio with your weights. Instead of breaking up your exercise days with only cardio or weights, how about doing them together. This will save you a lot of time to do other important things while still giving you that body you’re looking for. I suggest circuit training that includes bouts of cardio exercises such as jumping jacks, treadmill sprints, battle ropes or fun drills like using the ladder.


Meal Replacements Shakes Save Time

Our third of five busy mom spring exercise tips is replace one of your meals with a meal replacement shake. I know, there’s nothing like chewing and enjoying real food. However, since you’re busy and need time to focus on other important things (like work and your family), why not replace one meal with a meal that only takes 1-3 minutes to make? Need a suggestion for the best meal replacement? I suggest Shakeology!


Get Up Before Everyone Else

Our fourth of five busy mom spring exercise tips is to get your “me” time in. You can do this by waking up before everyone else. As a busy mother, you don’t get a lot of alone time right? However, you need it!

One may to sneak that time in is to wake up like the early birds do! This can be your time for mediation, reading your favorite book or perhaps catching up on your favorite tv show. Whatever it is that is going to distress you, then, use this time to do it.


Enlist a Buddy

Our final of the five busy mom spring exercise tips is to enlist a buddy. Most likely you have a fellow busy mom who struggles with some of the same things you do. How about recruiting them as mutual accountability partners on your fitness journey. Research shows that accountability partners work!


In conclusion, as a busy mother, it can be challenging to fit exercise and wellness into your daily schedule. By following the five tips listed here, I’m sure you can get your health (and body) where you want it. If you would like help with any of the five busy mom spring exercise tips, please contact me today for a free consultation!

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