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Anywhere Workouts is going to be our focus for today’s blog.  I’m going to highlight the Stroops VITL Kit. This portable exercise kit is designed to give you an awesome workout from anywhere!

Whether you use it at home, in the gym, outside or take it on the road with you, the Stroops VITL kit is one of the best anywhere workout systems.  Here are three reasons why it is one of the best anywhere workouts.


It’s Portable

We are busy individuals, would you agree? As a result, we barely have time to breathe anymore, let alone, exercise right? Well, what if you could have an exercise system that you can do from anywhere at anytime. The Stroops VITL kit gives you that luxury.

Because the VITL kit includes the following equipment, it is one of the most portable exercise systems that exists today:

4- 36″ slastix that stretch to 12 feet

2- Foot straps

2-Contour handles

1- Universal swivel belt

2- Cloth Anchors

5- Dots

1- Cinch Bag

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Endless Exercises

Because the VITL kit is portable and comes with a variety of fitness attachments, you can do any exercise that your mind can conceive. Whether you want to work your  total body, core, upper body, lower body or fun agility drills, the Stroops VITL kit is made for it!

Furthermore, the VITL kit can be used in various types of anywhere workouts too. Perhaps your current workouts are more stability based, then, the kit allows you to do those type of exercises too. The resistance offered from the VITL is also good for superset type of workouts in your strength and power phases (especially if you’re a fan of the NASM OPT model).


It’s FUN

Let’s face it, not very many people outsider of fitness professionals enjoy exercising, lol! Well, the Stroops VITL allows your anywhere workouts to be really fun!

As I mentioned earlier, your imagination is your only limitation with all of the fun exercises you can do. The Stroops VITL kit is the absolute safest tubing equipment on the market today. They have gone through vigorous testing and design to make sure that the elastic bands are safe!


In conclusion, as a former Stroops Master Instructor, I highly recommend the VITL kit for all of your anywhere workouts. The kit is portable, has endless exercises and it’s fun making it a great combination for your exercise needs.

If you would like to purchase a Stroops VITL kit, then, CLICK HERE and let me know.

Also, if you would like to learn some really cool exercises and get a great routine for yourself, then CLICK HERE to sign up to work with me one on one using the Stroops VITL kit!

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