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Fitness supplements you must have is our topic. Whether you choose to use them for bodybuilding, performance enhancement or just general health, supplements are just as normal in today’s society as drinking water on a hot and humid summer day, lol!

At one point in time (long ago), there was not a need for everyone to include supplements in their daily eating habits. However, because of our busy lifestyles, poor food sources and the mass production of food, our food is not as rich in vitamins and nutrients as it was 60-70 years ago.

So, what supplements should you be taking and what brand name(s) are the best? In this blog, I will give you my top four must have fitness supplements.


Omega Three Fish Oils

My first of four must have fitness supplements is Omega Three Fish Oils.  There is a lot of research that details how Omega three fish oils can help with the following:

       Reduce blood clots and inflammation

       Lower fats in the blood

       Prevent irregular heartbeats

       Assist in maintaining brain function by preserving cognitive function, improving mood & as a treatment of certain mental disorders.

For the reasons stated above, I highly recommend everyone include Omega three fish oils in their eating. My recommended brand is Shaklee Omega Guard.



My second of the four must have fitness supplements is probiotics.  Probiotics are live bacteria and yeast (like yogurt) that is good for your body, particularly your gut. They keep our gut healthy because they maintain the natural balance of organisms in our stomach.  Probiotics balance the bad bacteria and good bacteria in our bodies.

My recommended best probiotics is once again, Shaklee Life Energizing Shake.



As I stated before, our food is not the way it use to be. Even if you buy local, organic and from farmer’s markets, the quality soil that exists today may still be lacking in vital vitamins and minerals. As a result, my third of the four must have fitness supplements is multivitamins. My recommended multivitamins is the same as above, Shaklee’s VitaLea.


Whey Protein

The last of the four must have fitness supplements is whey protein. Whey protein is king when it comes to assisting the foods you eat with fat loss, increase in muscle size and strength and preserving the muscle you have. 

Out of the various types of protein that exists (soy, casein, hemp, etc.), whey has shown to be one of the very best! If your goal is to increase muscle size or get stronger, then whey or soy protein can certainly assist you. I recommend Shaklee’s 180 Whey Smoothee.


Supplements are here to stay. If you are going to use them, then I strongly suggest you consider the four ones that I have covered today. If would like help with selecting the right supplements for you, please schedule a consultation with us today!

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