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Post workout snacks or meals often go neglected by us don’t they? I don’t think it’s because we ignore that we should eat after working out. I believe it’s because we are so busy that we are rushing to get to work, run an errand or pick our kids up from school! However, with some simple planning and quick meals, we can put little effort into making sure we eat our post workout snacks. Here are a few tips that to make sure we are getting the proper nutrients back into our bodies.


Tip #1: Drink Your Meal

Post workout shakes are one of the easiest ways to ensure that we are getting in the required nutrients our body craves after our workouts. I recommend a shake that has the right balance (3:1 or 4:1 ratio) b/w carbs and protein. Our good friends at Dotfit offer some of the best post workout shakes you can drink. By drinking the shake immediately after our workout, we will put our bodies in the best position to “soak up” the carbs, protein and fats that it desires. Remember, even though it is a shake, we should still drink it like we are eating a meal. In other words, take 5-10 minutes to finish the shake. If you think you might struggle with the 10 minutes, then, I recommend eating a banana or perhaps rice cakes w/a spread of peanut butter on it to give you a fuller feeling.


Tip #2: Eat your Nuts!

If your are not allergic to them, nuts can be an excellent source of post workout snacks. I recommend walnuts, almonds and sunflower seeds as my top three nuts. You can add them to the post workout shake, add them to Greek Yogurt or eat them alone. Our good friends at suggest their Power Mix as a great post workout snack. I like it because it includes a good source of carbs, proteins and fats, it’s already made for you and you can grab it and go. Remember, nuts are a pretty good source of protein (help repair muscle from workout), Omega 3 fatty acids (heart healthy) and Vitamin E (heart healthy too).


Tip #3: Regular Meals Rock!

If for some strange reason you actually have time after your workout to eat a regular meal, then, by all means do so, lol! I like tips #1 and #2, but, I really like eating regular, nutrition meals. Our friends at offer up a great plan for making quick healthy meals that I like. One of their meals is a Kale Quinoa Salad.  One of my favorite go to meals is simply scrabbled eggs, a couple of slices of avocado and some veggies like broccoli or green beans. Both of these meals will give your body example what it needs nutrition wise. The only that is missing is a cool, tall glass of H2O!!


I hope this blog has encouraged you to make sure you eat healthy post workout snacks or meals. Whether you drink a shake, includes nuts or eat a full nutritious meal, your body will appreciate you for it. If you would like some more help with your eating or workouts, please schedule a free consultation with us today!

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