Fat Loss Progress That Is Reasonable


Fat loss progress is usually underestimated or not appreciated in my experience. I have trained clients who averaged 0.5-1 % lb. of fat/loss each week and they still felt like it was not enough. I think it’s safe to say that we are not patient and want it now! As I tell my clients, you did not gain that weight overnight and you won’t lose it in one night either.

Today’s blog focuses on what standard and reasonable weight loss progress should look like. This information is based upon Precision Nutrition’s General Guide to Reasonable Progress. Here are the three progresses to consider:


Slow Fat Loss Progress

This is the progress that we want to avoid. It means that in a month’s span, you have lost less than 0.5% body fat. Ouch! While this could very well be hormonal/metabolic, most likely it is the client or trainer’s (yes, I said trainer) fault.

It can be the client’s fault because they have not been following the trainer’s recommendations. It could be the trainer’s fault because the plan they developed was not appropriate for the client.

The simple solution to this progress (or lack thereof) is to have an honest sit down with each other. During the sit down talk, review eating and exercise habits. Perhaps they have been eating too much, if so, the general rule is to reduce total calorie intake by 250kcals/day.

If it’s lack of enough exercise, then the general recommendation is to make sure you are getting five to seven hours/day of exercise with a personal trainer or by yourself.

Now, you are in a better position to increase your fat loss progress from slow to average.


Average Fat Loss Progress

A lot of the clients I have worked with over the past ~18 years have fallen into this category.

A person who has average fat loss will lose 0.5% of body fat every four weeks. This is safe fat loss and very realistic.

As the picture shows above, you can start to put your body into a fat burning machine with average fat loss.


Excellent Fat Loss Program

While very achievable, excellent fat loss is not the norm. It’s not the norm because most people have a hard time being consistent with good eating and proper (moderately challenging) exercise.

A person who has excellent fat loss will lose 0.5 to 1% body fat every two to four weeks.

So, if you have a goal of 12 lbs. of fat loss, this will be accomplished in three months or less.

12 lbs. of fat shredded from your body in 90 days or less sounds great right?


Fat loss can be achieved if you follow a solid nutrition and exercise program (like we have at Move Well Fitness). You should expect results if you are doing what I just mentioned.

However, keep in mind that average weight loss is typically for people. Also, keep in mind that average weight loss will help you achieve your goals in a safe fashion!

While I love excellent fat loss and recommend it for everyone who wants to lose weight, it may not be realistic for most people. So, my gold standard is average fat loss (think of the tortoise vs. the hare here).

If you would like help with achieving average to excellent weight loss, please CONTACT US today for your FREE consultation.

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