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Body fat is something that we usually never want to know right? I can understand why this is the case as we are all unique.

Not all body fat devices are accurate or reliable. As a result, your body fat could actually be lower or higher than what a device says.

However, in today’s blog, I want to show you how using one particular body fat measurement can help you discover why you might not be losing body fat.


 What Are Skinfold Calipers?

Skinfold calipers are hand held devices that measure body fat at specific sites on your body.  These sites include places such as your stomach, arms, back, legs and chest.

They measure subcutaneous fat, which is the type of fat is beneath the skin. This is what we pinch when we take your body fat with calipers.

Skinfold calipers are used by fitness professionals because they are practical.  They are also relatively inexpensive and they do not take a long time to assess.


Why Are They Important to You?

Skinfold calipers are important to you not only because they assess body fat, but, they give you a clue about your body’s hormones.

Check this out:

Research shows that if someone has not lost fat from their thighs this could mean that they have too much of the stress hormone cortisol.

If someone is losing stomach fat, but not fat from their arms, this could mean that they have issues with their intake of carbs.

Finally, if someone is losing fat in their stomach and back, but not in their thighs and triceps, this could mean that they have too much estrogen.

Wow, you can find out all of this from just the pinching of your skin, yep!

A simple assessment like using skinfold calipers can be the answer as to why you have not lost body fat.


Want More Information?

From my research, it appears that Precision Nutrition and the BioSignature Modulation program are the two companies that are leading the way with this research.


Body fat measuring can be more than just finding out what your body fat is. It can really help you discover why you have not been losing weight. If you would like more help, please contact us today!

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