Office Worker Fitness


Office Worker Fitness

On average, Americans sit too much. Yes, that includes me too! However, I would say that those who have to sit in an office all day win the award for sitting the most!

Do not worry officer workers, I got you covered. In today’s blog, we are going to consider three tips to get some fitness in while at work. Here is your office worker fitness!


Stand Up

My first office worker fitness tip is to stand more. I am even going to recommend getting a standing desk if you can. I have recently been doing more standing when I type for long periods of times and it has been great.

Standing burns way more calories than sitting does and you can even work on that posture that your mom always corrected when you were growing up! Check out this really cool calculator that shows you calories burned standing vs. sitting!



My second office worker fitness tip is to move more. Instead of just sitting and going hard at your keyboard all day, how about move as many limbs as possible? I recommend stretching out your legs, arms, sides, neck and any other part of your body you can get to move. Fidgeting helps too!

Set an alarm on your computer to get up and move every 30 minutes!


Fitness Equipment

My last office worker fitness tip is to have fitness equipment with you. No, I do not mean go out and buy a treadmill silly. I simple mean equipment such as:


  1. Step-Up Box
  2. Dumbbells
  3. Bands
  4. Mat


There are tons of exercises that you can do while at work. Exercises like squats, bicep curls, bent-over row, etc. Of course, you can’t get too sweaty at work, so, we are not talking about heavy duty workouts here, lol! Here is a great office workout that you can do now!


The goal in “working out” in your office is to get you moving more than you had been, not do an all out full workout.



In conclusion, officer worker fitness has been served! If you stand up, move more and have fitness equipment with you in the office, your days of feeling like an office potato will be long behind you. If you would like us to help with your office worker fitness, then schedule a FREE consultation with us today!

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