Detox: Should You Do It or Not?


Detox is a word that brings mixed feeling to most people. Some people say there is no need for detoxing because our bodies naturally do it, while other people say there is a need for detoxing as a way to get rid of the junk built up in our bodies. Well, I am sort of in between the two. As a result, in today’s blog, I am going to talk about two benefits of and one deterrent of a detox.



Firstly, a detox can certainly help with discipline. Most of us struggle with self-denial. We want it and we want it now! Detoxing can help you delay satisfaction. By telling yourself that for three-seven days, I am only going to drink raw juices or eat raw salads, detoxing can help you gain the discipline of self-denial you have been missing.


Results and Reset

A detox can get you immediate results and get your eating habits on track. This is why we typically see a lot of detoxes done during the New Year.

Secondly, detoxes can be very encouraging for someone looking to lose weight. Once they experience 5-10 lbs. of weight loss in 3-10 days, this can be the motivation they need to keep going on their weight loss journey.

Sticking with the same example that I gave above, the same person can now be more motivated to eat healthier. They are motivated to eat healthier because they saw immediate weight loss results and they want to keep the weight off.


Detox Deterrents

It is apparent, that just like everything else in our world, a detox may not be for everyone. If you are pregnant, have heart or kidney disease or have diabetes to name a few, then detoxing is probably not for you.

This does not mean that you cannot ever do some version of it. So, it simply means to consult your doctor before embarking upon detoxing.


Recommendations for a Good Detox:

Firstly, I recommend you start with an already done for you plan like the ones at Puree. Secondly, you want to make sure that your detoxing does actually include real foods. The real foods will mostly be in the form of fruits (juice detox) or vegetables/seeds (raw salad/food detox). As a result, make sure it includes drinking plenty of water too.


In conclusion, detoxing can be very helpful if done safely. I recommend them as a way to practice self-denial, get immediate results and reset your nutritional habits.

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