Realistic New Years Fitness Goals


Realistic New Years fitness goals are a hot topic right now. Well, not really.  Follow me on this one…

Realistic New Years fitness goals are always a hot topic at the beginning of a new year. Whether they are realistic or not is another story, lol! However, I am going to help you make Realistic New Years fitness goals. Here are three ways to ensure that your New Years fitness goals are realistic.


Realistic New Years Fitness Goals Tip #1: Write It Down

Have you ever spoken to someone who gazes up in the air while talking to you? I have! It is as if everything they are saying is being pulled from the sky into their brain and spoken to you, lol!

This is what happens to us at this time of the year. We are pulling goals out of the air without ever writing them down.  Realistic fitness goals in Bethesda just do not fall from the sky into our minds and stay there. Written goals do though! So, take out a pen and start writing down everything you want to achieve this year.


Realistic New Years Fitness Goals Tip #2: Focus on a Few ONLY

Realistic New Years fitness goals are not about quantity, it is about quality.  It is not a sporting event where the team with the highest number of points wins. Quality wins when it comes to setting Realistic New Years fitness goals in Bethesda!

My suggestion is to take your list of goals you want to achieve this year and narrow it down to your top four. Take those top four and prioritize which ones are the most important. Now, you have your four-quarter (90 day goals) or your realistic New Years fitness goals!

Perhaps your top four goals are: weight loss, run a ½ marathon, drink more water and get more sleep. These are all great goals and by prioritizing them, you will have set four realistic fitness goals!


Realistic New Years Fitness Goals Tip #3: Do Not Do It Alone

Look, let us just be straight up and real: One of the main reasons why people fail at a lot of things is because they think the lone ranger approach is the best!  Let me explain…

Generally speaking, we are just not wired to be shotgun, solo or “all about me” all the time! I know it is hurting some of you to have just read that statement, but it is true and you need to accept it!

I suggest you seek out an accountability partner, professional like myself or even some sort of online tool (this online tool allows you to work with me at a fraction of my normal costs). By doing this, you can be held accountable for those four Realistic New Years fitness goals that you have set.  


This time of the year is where a lot of people set New Year’s fitness goals. Perhaps you are one of them. If so, you can set yourself up for success by following the three tips I have listed for Realistic New Years fitness goals! As I mentioned, I can help you. Contact me today to help you with your four realistic New Year’s fitness goals in Bethesda!

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