Best Walking Program


Best Walking Program

Best walking program is the one you are getting ready to read! Walking is the safest and cheapest form of exercise you can do. Walking does not require a lot of preparation. Research shows that a daily walk of just 20-30 minutes can significantly improve a person’s health. Below are five steps that will lead you to the best walking program.


Step #1 For the Best Walking Program: Get a Physical & Wear Correct Shoes

You want make sure that you current physical health can handle walking, so, if you have not had a physical, go get one.

After you are cleared to exercise from the physical, the next step is to make sure your walking shoes are appropriate for your body. I suggest you go to your local professional shoe store and have them watch you walk. This will make sure that your footwear is suitable for your body type, so that you will not put yourself at risk for injury.


Step #2 For the Best Walking Program: Start Slow

It is important that you start slow with your walking program. Even though walking is easy, it can still be  too much for your body in the beginning. I recommend you start with off with 10-15 minutes walks, three times/week for the 1st month. After your finish this, then you can start increasing your number of days walking to five. Then, once you have mastered that, I recommend you start increasing your time walking to 20-30 minutes on at least three of those days. You will be well on your way to the best walking program after following these tips!

Step #3 For the Best Walking Program: Same time, same place

To make sure that you are consistent and sticking with your walking program, I suggest you walk at the same time and place for the first three months. I believe that building a long-term habit with results takes about 90 days.


Step #4 For the Best Walking Program: Find a Buddie

Motivation is key with exercise. As a result, I suggest you find a workout buddy. A workout buddy can help to keep you accountable, make walking fun and push you to push yourself where appropriate. Your walking buddy can be your spouse, best friend, sibling, child or perhaps you meet another walker and you two become walking buddies. Walking buddies are great for the best walking program.


Step #5 For the Best Walking Program: Listen To Your Body

Do not ignore the signs your body gives you. If you are feeling tired and worn out after your walk, then, you may have pushed yourself too much. However, if you are cruising and your walks become “Easy Street”, then, do not be afraid to step up your walking program. Either way, stay in tune with your body, as it is the best indicator of what is going on.


In conclusion,walking is a great form of exercise. It can be done by anyone, anywhere. If you follow the five steps listed above, you will be on your way to the best walking program. We have a great weight training program that fits well with this walking program. Go to our website and look for the free download to the only five exercises you will ever need. Have fun!

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