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The most common exercise excuses are just like other excuses, very common. We have them because we do not want take ownership. There is no difference when it comes to exercise. As a fitness professional with ~20 years of experience, I have heard just about every exercise excuse that exists! Here a five of the most common exercises excuses and how to beat them!


Most Common Exercise Excuses #1: I Have Tried it Before and It Was not Successful

Well, if you are like most of us, we have all tried things before and failed. However, we tried them again and eventually found success. In situations like this, you have to ask yourself why was not I successful? Perhaps it was lack of preparation or the wrong mindset. Do not be one who gives us only after one try! Where would Abraham Lincoln be if he had given up after his first defeat in life.


Most Common Exercise Excuses #2: I Cannot Afford a Gym Membership 

Working out in the gym is not the only way you can exercise. You can exercise in the comfort of your home with equipment that will cost you less than you paid for your cell phone! There are literally hundreds of DVD exercise programs (like Beachbody’s exercise DVDS)you can do or literally 1000’s of online exercise programs that you can do. You can exercise outside in a park for free. You can join your local community center for less than $100/year.

Most Common Exercise Excuses #3: Exercise is for Young People and I am Too Old.

Exercise does not have an age limit. Most babies try their best to run as soon as they are confident with their walking. On the other end of the age spectrum, older adults should exercise too. The benefits of exercise for older adults include: reduce chance of osteoporosis, decrease blood pressure, improve blood lipids and improve mental capacity/mood just to name a few. Also, if you are an elderly person and want to remain independent, then, exercise is one the best ways to do so.


Most Common Exercise Excuses #4: Exercise is Boring

While I can appreciate that exercise is boring, so is brushing your teeth. However, I assume you do that at least twice a day right?! Sometimes, we have to treat exercise just like brushing our teeth or taking a shower, meaning like a necessity (because it truly is). Also, have you tried things like sports, gardening, or hiking that are not necessarily exercise, but can serve as it? Write down a list of things you like to do and I am sure you will have on that list some forms or exercise that you did not consider exercise.


Most Common Exercise Excuses #5: I Am Afraid I Will Hurt Myself

I applaud you for your honesty as you should be concerned for your safety. If you drive a car, then one of your biggest forms of safety is your seat belt. Well, in the fitness world, we have seat belts too. They are called personal trainers. One of our main concerns when working with you is safety.  If you are afraid that you will hurt yourself during exercise, hire a personal trainer to make sure you are safe when exercising.


These most common exercises excuses can be overcome. Our bodies were designed to move. You can not get around this one at all. Find something you like to do that requires your body to move and stick with it! You will body will love you for it and your excuses will be no more!

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