Small Changes To Burn Fat All Day


Small changes to burn fat all day are easier than what we think.  Losing body fat is something that a lot of us struggle to do. We have all tried various diets & exercise routines that in the end did not work. Most of the time we fail at being able to burn body fat all day because we do not set realistic goals. We also go to extreme measures to burn fat all day long. Here are five small changes that can be done to help you burn fat all day long.


#1: Drink more water: In order to burn fat all day long,  you should drink a lot of water. Water helps to rid your body of toxins that sometimes interfere with your ability to burn fat all day. I recommend drinking a minimum of 50 ounces/day.  Once you can reach this amount, drink more (upwards of 90-100 ounces)!


#2: Getting more sleep: In order to burn fat all day long, you should get a lot of sleep. Sleep is important because there are certain body fat fighting hormones that only get released with good sleep. I recently read where 50% of fitness goals take place in your workout and healthy eating, while the other half takes place during sleep.  So, shoot for at least 7 hours of sleep everyday (including weekends) to help you burn fat all day long.


#3: Accountability Partner: In order to burn fat all day long, you need an accountability partner. People who have successfully lost body fat and kept it off have had accountability partners. If you know that you have to check-in with someone who is going to hold you to your goals, you are more likely to stick to those goals. Just make sure your accountability partner is strong enough to give you that gentle push that you need to burn fat all day long.

Healthy Food

#4: “Cleaner” eating: In order to burn fat all day, you need to eat clean. This goes without saying. 80% of fat loss happens in the kitchen. Every meal you eat should include protein, fibrous carbs and water. I recommend you try this for a week. You’ll see and feel the difference it makes for sure.  Shoot for 5-6 meals every 3-4 hrs. Absolutely do not skip breakfast in order to burn fat all day long!


#5: Daily Walks: In order to burn fat all long, go for daily walks. Walking is the safest, easiest and cheapest form of exercise. Just a daily walk of 15-20 minutes, fives days a week, can help you burn up to 1500 calories. If you park far away from the main entrance and take the stairs at work, plus do some body weight exercises such as squats, push-ups and planks, then that weekly calorie burn can increase to upwards of 3000 calories or more!


You can certainly burn fat all day. Just follow these five simple suggestions on a daily basis.  We are here to help you learn how to burn fat all day long. Simply SIGN UP HERE for a free consultation so we can help you burn fat all day long!

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