Fitness Advice: Three Bad Ones


Fitness advice is just that, advice! You must take it with a grain of salt while considering the source. As a fitness professional with almost 20 years of experience, I have heard a lot about fitness. There probably has not been day that has gone by in my days of training clients, watching people exercise and exercising myself that I have not heard something that made me “cringe” lol! Here are a three of the worst fitness advice that I have heard.


“No Pain, No Gain”

Worst fitness advice # 1: Our society has become so use to pain that we now ignore something that our body gives to us as good thing! While exercising may result in a temporary uncomfortable feeling, it should not leave you with pain. Pain is a warning sign from your body that there is something wrong right now or is on the way.

So, when we are swimming, lifting weights or going for a run, we should not have pain. Pain leads to injury. Perhaps if we change the phrase to say “No Pain, No Injury” that might help people avoid pain while exercising. If you have experienced pain while exercising, you should seek a medical professional soon!


“You Have to Stay in the Fat Burning Zone Only to Lose Weight”

Worst fitness advice #2: While this may be true for some people, staying in the “fat burning zone” only that is written on the cardio equipment is not required. The fat burning zone was developed to encourage novice exercises to remain compliant to exercise. If they could exercise for 30 minutes/day at a light intensity (i.e. fat burn zone) as opposed to 15 minutes of exercise at a medium to high intensity, then they are more likely to come back and do it again.

This is true, but, our bodies are capable of handling more stress without injury. As an alternative better fitness advice, interval training is a way to ensure that one gets best of both worlds. For example, if a person wants to workout four times/week, then they could do two days of the fat burning zone and two days of a higher intensity. This allows the body the maximum capability to achieve results while allowing it proper recovery too.


“Lifting Free Weights Will Make You Bulky”

Worst advice #3: Lifting free weights is one of the best things a person can do for exercise. It allows a great amount of good stress to be put to our bone structure, helps with weight loss and improves our posture. In order for a person to get “bulky” from weight lifting, their volume (i.e. sets X reps X weight) would have to be high, however, most people in the gym never get their volume high enough to do this.

For example, the average gym goer lifts weights 2-3 time/week and does 2 sets of 15 reps at a moderate intensity. This is not enough to get bulky. However, it is enough to get stronger & allow for some muscle definition (tone).


There is plenty of bad fitness advice about fitness. You need good fitness advice, so, let us give that to you. Why not schedule a free consultation with us NOW!

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