Exercise for Busy Professionals


Is exercise for busy professionals possible? From our professional careers, to family and technology, we are all busy. When busy happens, we seem to forget the things that really matter, like our health. Ouch! However, exercise does not have to be a chore or an event. Here are three tips that will help make exercise for busy professionals doable.

Exercise During Commercial Breaks

Tip #1 for exercise for busy professionals is to exercise while while watching TV.  Why not take advantage of this time during the commercial breaks, to exercise? It will not take long and after watching TV for one hour, you would have completed 20-25 minutes of exercise. I recommend the following exercises: jumping jacks, planks, squats, lunges and pull-ups. These are all exercises that use your body weight and do not require a lot of space. Try these Exercises You Can Do At Home. Let us move on to tip #2.


Tip #2 for exercise for busy professionals is to play! I’m sure we all remember the game Twister right? It was fun and we did not even realize that it was exercise too. I recommend you bring that game back or make up a game similar to it. I also suggest video game exercising, particularly Wii boxing, tennis and or bowling as a great way to get the family involved in exercise with you. Top Five Wii Games

Household Chores

Tip #3 for exercise for busy professionals is to do household chores. Although it may not be fun, doing household chores together is a great way to exercise. Turn on some upbeat music and make it fun! Mopping, dusting, vacuuming, washing dishes, folding clothes, etc. all require certain muscles to work! If you focus on them as exercise, it can turn into a workout. So, try these out for measure: House Bingo & Household Chores Into Exercise.


In conclusion, exercise for busy professionals can be challenging to fit in. I hope I have made it easy for you to start exercising with the three tips I gave.  So, get to moving! Contact us for a FREE diagnostic consultation so we can show you how to exercise as a busy professional.

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