How To Stay Motivated to Keep Fit


How to stay motivated to keep fit can be hard. We are living in a different world where everything is fast paced and ever-changing. We are not loyal to each other nor our jobs. Technology has made things really easy for us. Oftentimes, this mindset can carry over into our fitness too. It seems as if we think our bodies are going to get and stay in shape without us doing anything (the magic pill syndrome).

As a fitness professional, I must admit that I sometimes fall into this category too. I have found myself being lazy and saying to myself: “I still “look” fit, so I am good.” Well, we can overcome this together by these three simple ways of how to stay motivated to keep fit.



Schedule It

Have you noticed that when we write things down and put them in a place where we can see them consistently, we tend to get those things done? This is no different with our fitness. So, suggestion #1 for how to stay motivated to keep fit is to put it on your schedule. That is right; schedule your fitness into your calendar. However, do not just put it down and leave it there. Write down the exact days and times you will do it each day and give yourself reminders.


Do Fitness Events

Suggestion #2 for how to stay motivated to keep fit is to do fitness events. There are tons of fitness competitions that are fun, competitive and require you to be in shape. So, how about a five or 10 K? Not interested in that, how about something like Tough Mudder or The Spartan Race? Not interested in those, well, how about an event that raises money for a cause that interests you like the Susan G. Komen or the Congenital Heart Walk? I am positive you can find something that will fit your personality or philanthropy.


Exercise Buddy

Suggestion #3 for how to stay motivated to keep fit is to exercise with someone. Most of us do not like letting people down. As a result, we typically will get things done when someone else is depending on us to do so. As a result, finding a workout partner could be the missing key to you staying motivated to keep fit. Statistics show that having an accountability partner improves one chance of success!


In conclusion,  we are busier now than ever… Even though we are not as consistent with things in our lives as we use to be… We cannot let those excuses keep us from doing what we know is good. So, how about you schedule your workouts, find a competition or get an exercise buddy for your solutions of how to stay motivated to keep fit! If you would like help with how to stay motivated to keep fit, please contact us today!

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