Belly Fat: Three Ways to Get Rid of It


Belly Fat, that awful dreaded thing hanging over your hips… You know, that stuff that you have to pull in really tight to fit into those favorite jeans of yours. That part of your body that you hate looking at in the mirror. Yes, I went there! Let us face it, belly fat is frustrating and typically hard to get rid of right? Well, if you follow the three tips below, you might be surprised to see your belly fat (and fat in other places on your body) gone “bye, bye” in the next 30-45 days!

Drink More Water

Drinking more water helps to get rid of belly fat. Oftentimes, the extra fat we have on our bodies is a result of toxins being held onto. Water is a great way to flush those toxins out. You should try to drink at least half your body weight in ounces, if not more, each day.

Cut Out the Booze

Yes, you heard me right. Drinking alcohol really has no health benefit that you cannot get from something that is not intoxicating. One of the major downfalls of drinking wine (or beer) is all of the empty calories it has. I understand that it is relaxing, but look at the expense you get instead. Also, alcohol brings on inflammation in the body.

That expense is weight gain, particularly as belly fat! Some alcoholic beverages contain as much as 200-300 calories/glass or container. Ouch! That might be the calorie deficit you need to help you lose one to two pounds/week, particularly from your belly fat.

Add-In or Increase Your Resistance Training

Oftentimes, people turn to tons of cardio to help them lose belly fat. While cardio exercise can certainly help and is recommended, please do not neglect the benefits of resistance training. Resistance training helps to develop muscle. So, our muscles are great in helping our metabolism (the calories we burn each day) stay active throughout the entire day in burning fat. If you are not weight lifting, you should be!


In conclusion, extra belly fat is not necessary and you should not feel that you will never get rid of it. If you incorporate the three tips above, I am confident your belly fat will start to melt away! If you would like more help with helping your body shed fat away, then please contact me HERE for your free consultation!

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