You Can Lose Weight After 50!



Yes, you can lose weight after 50 yrs old!  Although exercise may not be as easy as it once was,  there is still hope. Below, are five ways that you can lose weight after 50!

Weight Train More.

People over 50 tend to focus more on cardio exercise. Weight training allows your body to burn calories through out the day, all day, every day. Cardio exercise may allow calorie burning for several hours only after the activity. You can lose weight after 50 by adding at least two days of weight training to your exercise. Here is a sample workout.

Eliminate the Wine

I know, your doctor has said that drinking a glass of wine each day reduces your chance of heart issues. Well, one thing they failed to mention was that wine has empty calories in it, so, you can get the benefit of the grapes elsewhere. Yep, those 200-300 empty calories you get from drinking a glass every day could be the reason why you have not lost any weight! So, you can lose weight after 50 if you put down that glass of wine. 🙂

Pouring water into glass

Increase Your Water Intake

A lot of us simply do not drink enough water. As a start, you should be drinking at least half you body weight in ounces so you can lose weight after 50. In addition, drinking water is important, as it is a major part of our body’s natural detox system and helps our organs to function properly.


Develop Better Sleep Habits/Sleep Routine

Without enough sleep, you don’t achieve your goals. I say this because it is where everything that you have done in the gym and ate takes place. No REM sleep=no weight loss! One of the best ways to ensure REM (deep sleep) is to develop a sleep routine. This can be something like going to bed at the same time every night after having powered off all electronics, done some meditation and a drank a cup of relaxing chamomile tea. So, you can lose weight after 50 if you sleep more and better.

Healthy Food

Don’t diet, eat fruits/veggies/protein

Diets simply do not work for most people because they are too restrictive. Here is a simple way to change the way you eat:  a consistent eating plan of unlimited veggies/fruits and moderate protein does wonders for the body. For example, a fist full of salmon, two hand full of broccoli and a fist full of blueberries will do wonders for your body (not to mention the ease in preparing it), so you can lose weight after 50.


In conclusion, yes, you can lose weight after 50 by following the steps listed above consistently. Let us help you by scheduling a free consultation with us today!

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