Summertime Weight Loss


Have you noticed that summertime weight loss is easier? Why is this? Maybe it is because everyone looks forward to the summer. Whether you have plans to hit the beach, pool, mountain climbing, or vacationing, everyone wants to look and feel their best during the summer. Here are five reasons why people find summertime weight loss easier.


Who does not like a 75 degree day with the wind blowing and the sun shining? Days like this heighten our mood and make us want to move! If you do not believe me, the next time it is a beautiful day see if you do more moving. Summertime weight loss in Bethesda is easier because of the weather.



Have you noticed that most summertime foods are just plain “lighter”. I do not know about you, but I find myself eating more salads, fruits and drinking more water in the summertime. Typically, this equates to less calories in my body. If we are consuming less calories and moving our bodies more, then, we are less likely to gain weight. As a matter of fact, we lose it! Summertime weight loss in Bethesda is easier because of the foods we eat.


One of the best parts about summertime weight loss is that we can wear really light clothing and less of them too. I do not mean skimpy clothing, but, rather less layers. We tend to feel more free and when this happens, we are happier. If we are happier, this means we have less stress. Less stress means our bodies are more prone to weight loss (yep, it is a trickle down effect).


Outdoor Activities

The summertime is made for outdoor activities. Hiking, swimming, kayaking, jet skiing, rock climbing, etc., are all forms of summertime exercise, even though it does not feel like it since we are having fun doing them. There is nothing better than moving our bodies for fun and burning calories without even thinking about it!

Overall, More Active

Lastly, we just move more in the summertime. In our country, where we are moving less than ever due to  technology, the summertime sort of forces us to be more active. We take family vacations that usually require a lot of walking and more activity everyday. Our kids are in summer camps and they are more active too. So, summertime weight loss in Bethesda is easier because we are overall more active.



Summertime is weight loss is easier. It is easier because the weather is better. Our food and clothes are lighter. We spend more time outdoors and we overall just move more! If you have a goal of weight loss, then, the summertime is a great time to conquer that goal!

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