Palisades Common Weight Loss Myths


Common weight loss myths are just that, common! What have you heard is the best way to lose weight? How about cardio only? What about starving yourself? Perhaps wearing a sweat suit when you exercise is the best way to get that perfect, lean and slender physique. Shall we discuss a few of the most common weight loss myths.

Cardio Only to Lose Weight

The first of the Palisades common weight loss myths is only cardio is needed to lose weight. While cardio exercise does help to burn a lot of calories, it is not the “end all, be all”. It does not specifically work all your muscles like weight training does. Lifting weights has been proven to be more metabolically (your body’s ability to burn fat) active than traditional cardio exercises (like running, biking or swimming) because when you lift weights, you stand a better chance to increase your muscle mass. More muscle mass means your body remains more active (burning calories) even when you are not exercising. This is why people can be lean without doing any cardio exercises. Cardio & Weights To Burn Calories

Starving Yourself

The second of the common weight loss myths is starving yourself. While this logically may sound like it makes sense, not eating to lose weight does not work forever. Our bodies are akin to cars. In order for cars to do anything, they need gas. Well, our bodies need gas too in the form of healthy food. It has been proven that when your body senses that it has not been receiving enough nutrients, it will hold on to what it has (like your fat)! As a result, you will not lose weight. Do Not Starve Yourself to Lose Weight!

Plastic Sweat Suits

The third of the Palisades common weight loss myths is wearing those plastic sweat suits. If you have belonged to any gym in the U.S., then you’ve probably witnessed the person running on the treadmill wearing a plastic sweat suit. Also, you may have noticed that the person never seems to lose any weight wearing them. Sweating is not an indication of weight loss. In addition, sweating is an indication that your body has a great cooling off system! Lasting weight loss does occur with those sweat suits. Sweat Suits For Weight Loss


In conclusion, weight loss is very achievable if done the right way and with the proper mindset. Unfortunately, some people have believed that the common weight loss myths of cardio only, starving yourself and plastic sweat suits are the best ways to lose weight. Hopefully, this article has given you enough to change or rethink your approach to effective, safe and healthy weight loss! Let us help you lose weight the right way. Sign up with us today for a free consultation!

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