Best Way to Lose Weight in the Palisades


The best way to lose weight in the Palisades is by making changes to your lifestyle. Some people take extreme measures to lose weight like not eating for days or exercising for three hours everyday. You may lose weight from them, but, they are not sustainable nor healthy. There are two healthier ways to properly lose weight and they include: changing your current way of eating and exercise. Let’s talk about each one to find out the best way to lose weight.

Change Your Eating

There is a lot of Research that shows that by changing your diet, you can lose weight. Weight loss can be as simple as: “less calories in, more calories out.” If someone were to cut down on the amount of food they eat each day, they will lose weight. If at the end of a given week, a person has taken in an average of 1800 calories/day, but their body has burned 2400 calories/day, then they end up with a deficit of 600 calories/day. If they continued with this pattern for a month, then they would have lost ~ 4-5 lbs.

Obviously, we are making the assumption that the food they are eating is healthy. Healthy foods would include things such as: grass fed beef, poultry, wild caught salmon, in-season organic fruits & veggies, water, herbal teas and super grains such as quinoa & barley.  That was our simple way to lose weight in the Palisades without exercising,

Exercise Is Key Too

If you include consistent exercise into your life, you can lose weight too. Weight loss happens from exercise because it increases your metabolism & helps to build muscle which is more active than fat. However, it is a lot harder to almost impossible to lose weight just by exercising alone and not changing the way you eat as Research 2 shows this to be the case. We should be exercising not just for weight loss, but also for healthy bones, muscles and internal organs. We should be exercising to increase our longevity of life. With that said, yes, I am going to promote exercise and healthier eating TOGETHER for weight loss!


In conclusion, the combination of healthy eating and exercise is the best way to lose weight (and keep it off)! By combining healthy foods with movement, our bodies recognize this as the key to weight loss. The combination of the two allows for the greatest calorie deficit and fat loss hormonal balance says Research 3. So, there you have it. A combination of exercise and healthy eating works best for you to lose weight. If you have not started with either, I suggest you do and here is the best way to Start!


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