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I remember my mother saying: “Sit up straight boy, do not bend over like that because you will have terrible posture.”

As a young boy, I had no idea of what she meant. In hindsight, my mother was right (and a great educator too)! In today’s less active and overall laziness, the importance of good posture is at all time high.

Unless you want to be like that elderly man or woman who cannot lift their head to look straight ahead, then I suggest you start paying more attention to the importance of good posture. With that being said, shall we discuss posture in general, what happens to your body with bad posture and how to achieve great posture in Bethesda.

What is Posture?

Quite simply, the importance of good posture is the way our respective bodies position themselves. It can also be defined as the way our head, neck, shoulders, hips, knees and foot/ankle are positioned while standing still or in motion.

When we think of good posture, this is what typically comes to mind: our body straightened up, chin raised and shoulders relaxed and in a down position. A great example of this would be a military person standing at attention.

When we think of bad posture, this is what typically comes to mind: our body is slouched or hunched over, our shoulders are rounded forward and we have some terrible looking curve in our backs! A great example of this would be the hunchback of Notre Dame. The latter is something we should all try to avoid and let us talk about the reasons why.

What Happens When We Have Bad Posture?

 Bad posture does not happen over night. If we do a lot of daily: sitting, driving and repetitive movements, then we typically end up with bad posture.

As a result of all this, we end up with skeletal and muscle pain, joint restriction or just general discomfort. Our bodies end up misaligned with muscle imbalances and, ultimately, we set it up for degeneration, ouch!

How to Achieve Great Posture:

There are a few simple things we can do to make sure we appreciate the importance of good posture. They are so simple that we can start doing them today! The first thing we should do is to observe our current body position. Is our head pointing straight ahead and ears aligned with our shoulders? How about shoulders pulled back and not rounding forward?

Is our stomach tucked or pulled in? The belt line around our waist  should be straight. How about our knees and feet, are they facing straight ahead or turned in or out. Remember, we do want our posture to look like the military persona standing at attention.

After we observe our posture and make those corrections, then we should work to make sure that our bodies will adapt to that position. This is going to require us to do certain exercises. I recommend things such as single balance exercises, core exercises and integrated exercises that incorporate both balance and core exercises. Click here: Exercises for Better Posture

After we have observed our posture and done exercises to allow it improve, it is time to make sure that we maintain it.

This requires us to be aware of how we sit and stand at home, work and while driving in our cars. Even though we cannot avoid doing these things, we can certainly be fully aware of how we position our bodies. The following link is a great example of how to position our bodies when we stand and sit: Better Body Positioning for Better Posture

So, there you have, everything you need to know about the importance of good posture. As I am sure we all know, mothers know best. If all else fails, go back to our youth when our mom said: “Stand and sit up straight!”

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