Weight Lifting for Women in the Palisades


Traditionally speaking, when it comes to exercise, men have dominated the lifting weights world. This occurred mainly due to men being allowed to participate in sporting activities while women were not allowed to because it was not considered “lady like” and it was illegal (Illegal for Women to Lift Weights).

Women are not longer looked at as being inferior to men; and it is safe, appropriate and very normal for them to exercise, particularly lift weights. Here are a few myths and facts why weight lifting for women in the Palisades is good.

It Will Make Me Look Bulky

While this is a very legit concern, it is typically not true. A woman (or man) woul have to  do “a lot of volume” in their workouts to look bulky. Volume is the number of weight, repetitions, sets and exercises done in order to achieve mass or bulk. If a woman follows the recommended numbers of days of weight lifting/week by ACSM (2-3 days/week, lifting weights for all the major muscles using 1-2 sets of 8-12 reps), they will not get bulky. Women Lifting Weights.

Lifting Weights Does Not Help Me Burn Calories

Weight lifting for women in the Palisades has a high metabolic (ability to burn calories) rate. As a result, the more lean muscle a woman has, the less likely she is to gain weight and the easier it is to keep the weight off. Muscles are like the gas in our cars, they keep the car moving. Having muscle, by lifting weights, allows your body to keep moving and consistently fight off potential fat gains.

There is No Benefit For Me to Lift Weights

There are tons of benefits of weight lifting for women in the Palisades. They include: weight loss, improved mood and well-being, better posture and prevention of osteoporosis. These four are all major concerns for most women and lifting weights helps with all of them!


 I Only Need to do Cardio to Be Healthy

While doing cardio activities (i.e. running, swimming, elliptical, spin class, etc.) is beneficial for the heart, it does not put the necessary stress to the bone and muscular system that our bodies crave. Our muscles were meant to move more than just walking and typing on a computer! While cardio is a great way to burn calories, oftentimes, it will burn away muscle because it is a catabolic activity. Weight lifting for women in the Palisades will help to balance that out.

Do I Really Need to Start Lifting Weights?

Yes, YOU do! I recommend that a woman looking to start lifting weights in Bethesda seek out professional help. I recommend a certified personal trainer who is well qualified to provide safe and proper advice. Also, I recommend home DVD workout programs such Power 90, Slim in 6 and Chalene Extreme that have all proven to help weight lifting for women in the Palisades train properly: Beachbody Workout DVD’s.


In conclusion, weight lifting for women in the Palisades is important. It helps with posture, weight loss, prevention of osteoporosis and other metabolic diseases. It does not require a lot, so why not incorporate two days/week for 30 minutes or less to lifting weights!

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