Diet and Fitness Mistakes Made in the Palisades


Most people in the Palisades put a heightened focus on diet and fitness. I highly commend them for striving to be healthier because this is something our bodies want. However,  if the wrong steps are taken by exercisers in Bethesda, they could end up making mistakes in their diet and fitness.  Below, are the three most common diet and fitness mistakes in the Palisades.

 Mistake #1: Trying the latest & greatest Diet

Research has shown that diets do not work. Yes, they work temporarily, but most of them are not sustainable nor are they healthy. These diets teach you to lose a lot of water weight, but they do not teach you how to change your eating lifestyle habits or how to lose sustainable fat.

Dieting is not very healthy and will leave you feeling awful. The best approach for weight loss, diet and fitness wise, is to eliminate trigger foods, alcohol and unnatural sugar. Replace these things with lean protein, vegetables and fruits. I recommend the Paleo style of eating as a great way of changing your diet and fitness to last a lifetime.

Healthy Food

Mistake #2: Over exercising

 Just like overeating will cause all sorts of health issues, over exercising can do the same. You have only so much time before the big day, so, you must do as much as you can within the time you have. This is the wrong mindset to have for diet and fitness as you risk injury.

If there is too much stress put on the body too quickly through inappropriate exercise, you will hurt yourself. The best approach to this is less is more. Hire a personal trainer who can help you maximize the amount of time with the right exercise that will keep you coming back. I recommend workouts such as Tabata mixed in with yoga and Pilates. 3-4 days of exercising is more than enough to see significant results if you are eating, drinking and resting properly everyday.

Mistake #3: Taking Harmful Supplements

 This one actually ties into nutrition, but I wanted to keep this one separate with your diet and fitness. A supplement should be just that, something to supplement that which is missing from your eating. So, if I am low or my body cannot produce enough iron, I should take an iron supplement to ensure my body will function properly. There are too many “weight loss” supplements out there to discuss, however, the majority of them have not been evaluated for their claims of weight loss with diet and exercise.

Also, many of them come with fillers that cause side effects such as hair loss. My recommendations for supplements are take what you are deficient in.  If you are struggling with eating enough during the day, then drink a meal replacement shake. Other safe supplements that I recommend include: Omega 3 fish oils, multivitamins, perhaps Calcium/Vitamin D and some green tea products. Why don’t you consider Life Shake?

So, there you have it exercisers in the Palisades. If you follow the three tips above, you can avoid the most common diet and fitness mistakes in the Palisades.

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