Home Workouts Without Gym Equipment in the Palisades


The gym or local health club can be a very intimidating environment in the Palisades. From the very fit guy dropping his weights on the floor to the super fit woman who is showing just about her entire body, the gym in the Palisades can make you feel self conscious and not very worthy. However, are you aware that you can get just as good, if not better, workout from the comfort of home?

That’s right, home workouts without gym equipment will give you an awesome workout and not leave you feeling intimidated! Below are our suggestions for equipment to purchase for the best home workouts without gym equipment in the Palisades.  They WILL help you melt away those pounds and have you feeling like a million bucks, all from the very comfort of your home!


Stability ball: The first piece of home workouts without gym equipment is the stability ball. This piece of  exercise at home equipment is super versatile. As a result, you can literally use it for everything. From working your core, legs and upper body, the ball will provide you the opportunity to work your entire body. As a result, check out this ball: stability ball walmart

Step-Up Boxes: The Step up box provides great cardio conditioning, balance, stabilization, strength and power exercises. They are versatile and when you are not using them for exercise, they are great for standing on to reach high places in your home (yes, they are that versatile)! Check out these step up boxes: Step-Up Boxes Power Systems

Bands/Tubing: Finally, the last piece of home workouts without gym equipment in the Palisades are bands. Bands and tubing act much as dumbbells, but provide variable resistance and can be used for just about any exercise. They are super easy to use and typically come with door attachments. This means that you can stick them in your doorjamb and get to exercising within a matter of seconds! Check out these bands from Stroops: Stroops VITL Kit Rocks!

In conclusion,  by having a stability ball, step-up box and bands, you’ll be on your way to achieving great results, weight loss, having more energy and being more confident about your body, all from the comfort of home in the Palisades! In conclusion, try them out for measure and let us know what you think!

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