How to Exercise as Mothers in the Palisades


How to exercise as mothers in the Palisades and stay motivated to workout, despite all of the known benefits to do so, can be a major challenge. As the husband of a wife who is a homemaker and homeschooler, I see how challenging it is for a mother to find the time and energy to exercise (or do anything for yourself for that matter, lol!). However, if my wife can do it, guess what, so can you! Here are three tips that I learned from her about how you can motivate yourself to workout as mothers in the Palisades.

1. Ask someone else to pay for it: If you are like my wife, then you do not like to waste money, particular someone else’s! As a result, she was given the gift of personal training by someone she loves (me). I bought her a pack of 6 sessions to get her going and it worked. She met with a personal trainer once a week for 6 weeks. She also worked out by herself an additional day during the week. This was the motivation she needed to exercise as a mother.

She did not have to come up with the program herself. The workout was short enough (30 minutes).  Also,  she was provided simple exercises that she could do on her own.

Guess what, she got results and it jumpstarted her to exercising as a mother! As a certified personal fitness trainer myself, I have to agree that paying for personal training can be very motivating: personal trainers are great motivators to exercise.

2. Get an accountability partner: While my wife was in medical school, she had a workout partner. She has since told me that this was the most consistent time ever in her life that she had exercised because she did not want to let her friend down. They exercised at least three times every week around the same time each day(creating a habit!). If you are like her, then this may be the best route for you take to exercise as a mother. Research shows that there is strength in numbers!!

3. Be the example: If you are like typical mothers in the Palisades and my wife, then your number one concern is for your kids.  Everything that you do and say revolves around them. Since we are teaching our kids to live a healthy lifestyle, it is important that they see us exercising. My wife has incorporated exercise into our kids’ daily routine with her. Sometimes, they will go for a walk around the neighborhood, while other times, they will do an exercise DVD together. Remember, the family that exercises together, stays together! If you do not believe me, then click here: family and exercising together

So, there you have it. My three tips for motivating yourself to exercise as mothers in the Palisades are:

1. Asking someone to pay for personal training for you.

2. Working out with someone else.

3. Be an example to your family or loved ones.

Incorporate all of these and you will not be disappointed in the results you get!

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