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Hello fellow fitness enthusiasts! My name is Maurice, the owner of Move Well Fitness in the Palisades, and I’ve been a personal trainer, specializing in general fitness, weight loss, senior fitness, stay-at-home moms, sports performance & corrective exercise, since 1998. Welcome to Your Body, Your Move, a blog from my company, Move Well Fitness,  based out of the Bethesda, MD!

Thank you for taking time out of your day to consider what I have to say about everything related to health and fitness. Since this is the first of many blogs, I thought I’d start with a brief introduction of my genesis of love for fitness and health and some topics that I’ll cover in the future.

 As a lively and married 41-year-old with four kids, I’ve been involved in health and fitness all my life. Growing up, I was a typical young boy who played all the major sports. I quickly fell in love with football.  It was my first major introduction to the world of fitness.

We were required to work out.  Most of my teammates considered this something they had to do and dreaded it, I absolutely embraced it! I particularly liked how it made me feel (energetic & stronger) and how it made me look (in shape). By the end of  9th grade, I was knowledgeable about squatting, deadlifting, hang cleaning, pull-ups and bench pressing.


It was around this time (1991-1992) that I decided my career would be in health and fitness. I wasn’t exactly sure what I would do, but I knew it was going to involve something healthy.  So, I toiled around with the professions of physical therapy and athletic training before deciding on exercise science in 1996 while at Elon University in North Carolina.   Elon afforded me the opportunity to work in their campus recreation center for three years and my passion for fitness grew tremendouslyI achieved my first personal training certification in 1998 while at Elon!  

After that, I decided to attend grad school at Ohio University in 1999-2000 where I completed my Master’s Degree in Exercise Physiology. I moved to the Washington, DC metro area in 2000 and I’ve been a fitness professional ever since. In 2009, I started Move Well Fitness, LLC. after having worked for a few fitness companies in the DC area. So, I think that’s enough about me in terms of how I got started in this wonderful world of health and fitness. In addition, you’ll learn more about me through the content of my posts (or at least that’s my intent ;)).

Here are a few highlights of what I’ll be discussing over the next several months:

  1. The Importance of Moving Well regularly & properly.
  2. Breathe In, Breathe Out (No, not the Bush Machinehead song either!).
  3. Train Movements, Not Muscles.
  4. The Silent Killer: Lack of Sleep.
  5. Are Your Workouts “Balanced?

I’m going to blog about these topics (and many more) because there is a lot to share about them and I believe Move Well Fitness in the Palisades is the site where you can get reliable, safe, and effective advice about health and fitnessSince I have so much to share with you, I have decided to update this blog every Monday with fresh content. However, I post something fitness-related on my Facebook Fan Page just about every day. If you haven’t already, LIKE & FOLLOW us now!

Once again, thank you for deciding to “Move Well” with me for a couple of minutes and I look forward to sharing with you what’s on my “always learning” mind!  Until we meet again, let me introduce you to my slogan: “Your Body, Your Move!” Go to it!

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